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Digital TV Explained

What is digital TV? First, note that it's easy to confuse two terms:

  • Digital TV Service - When we talk about the digital switch, we're talking about the switch to a TV service transmitted digitally. Digital TV services include Freeview, Sky , BT Vision and Virgin Media.
  • Digital TV Set - This is a TV set that can get Freeview using a built-in Freeview receiver. If you don't have a digital TV-ready telly, this won't stop you getting a Digital TV service (such as Freeview, Virgin or Sky)

Your options for Digital TV include:

Digital TV Logos

Unless you have a TV with a built-in Freeview receiver, you'll need to get a set-top box for your digital TV service.

Phillips Freeview Box

SCART connectorTypically, you'll connect a set-top box to your TV set using a SCART lead, then connect your set-top box to a digital service (Freeview via a TV aerial, satellite via a satellite dish, or cable via a fibre optic cable in your street)

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