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UK Digital TV Switchover: Satellite TV Questions

Free satellite TV

Old Sky box:

Mary Boys asks: "I have a sky box that I don't use for Sky. Can I use it to pick up free channels?"

If you have a Sky dish and a Sky set-top box, you can use this to pick up over 200 "free-to-air" satellite TV channels without a subscription - see the list of free-to-view channels.

You'll need to connect your old Sky box to a satellite dish, and ensure the dish is pointing in the direction of Sky's satellites. More on our Satellite TV page

Freesat , Free Sat , Freeview, Free-to-view?

Yes - confusing we know. Here's some guidance:

  • "Freeview" - This service is delivered via a TV aerial, not a dish. What is Freeview?
  • "Freesat" - This is a satellite service from the BBC and ITV. Nothing to do with Sky, and not as many channels as Sky. More on Freesat
  • Free-to-view - On the satellite used for Sky, there are over 200 channels that can be watched without subscription or a subscription card - see the list of free-to-view channels - you can get these with a dish pointing at the Sky satellites and a decoder (including an old Sky box).

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