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The UK Digital TV Switchover Timetable

By October 2012, the old analogue TV service will be gone, as the Government's Digital Switchover draws to a close. The switchover happened region-by-region across Britain.

When did my region switch?

Here is an overview of the UK digital switchover timetable:


Oct 2007
Whitehaven in Cumbria becomes the first town to "go digital".

Nov 2008
Border TV Region began the switch, starting with the Selkirk transmitter (Carlisle & Dumfries) in November 2008.

The following TV regions started the switch: Granada, West Country and Wales.
  • Caradon Hill transmitter (serving Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall) switched on 12 August
  • North East and North West Wales switched in late October
  • Winter Hill transmitter (serving Liverpool, Manchester, Lancashire and Cheshire) switched on 4th November
  • Long Mountain - East and Central Wales - 4 November

The following TV regions started the switch: West, Grampian and Scottish.
  • Wales (Blaenplwyf and Wenvoe) switched 10 Feb
  • Wales (Wenvoe) switched 3 March
  • Mendip (Bristol area) switched 24 March
  • Scotland STV North switched between May and Oct
  • Scotland STV Central, started the switch in October
  • Channel Islands switched in November


The following TV regions started to switch:

  • Central, from March 2011
  • Anglia, from March 2011
  • Yorkshire, from August 2011


The following TV regions start to switch:

  • London (Crystal Palace), April 2012
  • Meridian region, from February 2012
  • Tyne Tees
  • Ulster UTV


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